Suds Fundraising

Feb 21, 2017

Good Clear Fundraising provides a profitable and highly effective fundraising washing soap fundraising system for Schools, Youth Communities, Squads and Running Agencies, Churches, nonprofits, etc. We provide Top Quality fabric softeners and water washing cleaners created in the usa here by a sizable soap maker. The washing soap comes in 5-gallon buckets for approximately $45 which involves approximately 7 dollars per oz when several individuals are spending 13-15 cents per ounce in the supermarket. One of many corporations selling detergent for fundraiser is Good Clear Fundraiser (or 800-680-3775). I'll search for additional companies carrying this out (if you can find some other organizations) and post an update for folks who need to pursue this being a fundraiser option. Update March 3, 2015: A commenter has identified Wave (powdered, not liquid) in five-gallon buckets imported from Vietnam being offered in Houston.

Below it's six months later and I may only uncover one half-means decent test at marketing Wave in five-gallon lime(!) containers and I bet they're from Facebook inside a time of the being published. I stand by my declare that Hold in five- containers isn't a G & P product and it is thus fake. Hold is strategy to anyways that are wealthy for my bloodstream and I discover Claw & Arm approach more straightforward to wash with anyways. Confidential, yes, you ought to believe that any detergent bought in five-quart buckets is phony Tide (using the exception of the professional type with a professional tag).

Obviously P&H will not tell you that their product is being offered in this way and many undoubtedly anyone promoting it as the namebrand should really be shut-down because that is detergent fundraising clearly a no-no (and disgrace shame for the ones who're promoting pure reproductions) but there are certainly 5-gallon buckets of tide and gain boating for pennies to the dollar of what you are paying inside the shops.